“The first step for social entrepreneurs seeking assistance is often a conversation with Jonathan Wade”

– Denise Deby, Journalist

Jonathan Wade is the Principal at Social Delta. A consultant in social finance, small business development, social marketing and social entrepreneurship, he has more than 25 years experience in the not-for-profit sector working for agencies providing community supports in health care, newcomer settlement and integration, human rights, crisis services, international development and poverty alleviation.

Jonathan’s many years in charitable fundraising led him to better understand the growing need for diversified and sustainable revenue sources for agencies and individuals seeking to improve the common good. He believes that social enterprise is an effective mechanism to address community needs, improve non profit effectiveness and sustainability, and to augment available income for social causes. He now works directly with social entrepreneurs, co-operatives, and non profit professionals to develop entrepreneurial ideas, access social financing and design effective and sustainable social business plans.

Jonathan is a member of the Social Enterprise Council of Canada, and managed the enp-Ottawa program at the Centre for Innovative Social Enterprise Development (Now simply CSED) from 2011-2014 and he is an Innoweave Social Enterprise Coach.  He is an active member of the Ontario Social Economy Roundtable (a working group of the Ontario Non Profit Network) and of the CAnadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNET). He is a frequent presenter on non profit social enterprises (including at the 2013 Social Enterprise World Forum), a co-founder of the Impact Academy with HUB Ottawa, and a frequent contributor to social enterprise policy discussions.  In the last 10+ years, he has provided coaching, training and personal service to not less than 400 organizations and individuals on social enterprise issues.

“Honestly, [JustChange] wouldn’t have been this successful without you and your guidance/encouragement. There’s a long road ahead, but now we’re marching!”

-Read Guernsey, co-founder, Just Change

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