Social Delta is a company with the heart of a non profit.

Our business has been founded to provide affordable consulting services to individuals, co-operatives, and non-profit corporations as they start businesses that create a positive social change. We have a mission to support our clients’ earned revenue strategies in order that they may create social value in a sustainable and effective way. We are connected to the growing network of social enterprises and social entrepreneurs across the country, and we offer tools, resources and hands-on assistance to our clients.

Social Delta is based in Ottawa, Canada and our experience is most valuable to Canadian social enterprises. We follow global trends, and we bring this knowledge to support the development of the Canadian social enterprise landscape.

We offer a  free consultation if you provide us with some basic information.

“Before Hidden Harvest had even chosen our name, Jonathan was nurturing our idea and helped us put down some strong, deep roots in Ottawa.  Our relationship with Social Delta continues to bear fruit to this day!”     -Jason Garlough, Co-founder, Hidden Harvest.